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[SRG] Seritage Growth Properties - Part 1 | Value Investor TV - Podcast #129

January 19, 2021, LLC
VITV Podcast
[SRG] Seritage Growth Properties - Part 1 | Value Investor TV - Podcast #129
Show Notes

The art of copying.. This is a company owned by the greats: Warren, Guy Spier, Mohnish Pabrai, and Phil Town. Seritage Growth Properties (NYSE: SRG) is a fully integrated REIT and owner of 195 properties totaling over 30 million square feet across 44 states and Puerto Rico.

In this podcast, we invited Abhishek Shete, who is an active member of the Value Investor TV Slack Community, to discuss SRG. He has been working for a construction company in the US for past 5 years but have always been fond of learning about businesses. Inspired by Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet and Mohnish Pabrai,  he is looking for an opportunity in this field on professional level. He loves constructive feedback so feel free to reach out to him on twitter handle - @abhishekshete15. If you would like to read more on Abhishek's analysis of SRG, here is a link to his blog:

Introduction & VI TV Community Engagement - 0:00 
About Abhishek - 2:10
What does SRG do? What is a REIT? - 3:35
What is their competitive advantage? Their portfolio breakdown.  - 6:40
How durable is their competitive advantage? - 10:15
Short-term and Long-term prospects. Current Risk. Growth Strategy - 14:44
Does the company require reinvestment short-term and long-term?  - 20:20
Any relationship red flags? - 23:35
SRG Thesis Summary & How to get in touch with Abhishek - 24:32
Amateurs "one up on Wall Street" - 27:32

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